The first time I went to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam I was blown away by it. I’d been travelling all over the world for many years and many South East Asian countries don’t even come close to how amazing I found Vietnam and in particular Ho Chi Minh City.

First things first – Vietnamese women are some of the most beautiful women you’ll ever see anywhere on earth. They mostly have lighter/whiter skin than other South East Asian girls and they are almost always dressed very well.

The first Vietnamese girl I banged had the pinkest nipples I’d ever seen, even whiter and pinker than western girls in my home country. Vietnamese girls are also very friendly and outgoing and it’s very easy to make a lot of friends here quickly.

If you go out solo and a group of Vietnamese girls or just a party group see you they will often wave you over to come and sit with them. Most of the girls still live at home with their parents, I guess they do so until they get married.

If you are coming to Vietnam the best thing to do is hit up Vietnam Cupid (free to sign up) about a month or two before you come and start talking to some women. Then by time you turn up you will have a huge list of chicks you’ve already vetted enough so you wont be lonely at all. I often have to turn many women down because there is just so many wanting to meet up and have dinner and fuck afterwards. Hit the link in the right hand side of this which will take you there for a free sign up or click here

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Prostitution in Saigon

Yes, it’s a fact that there is a thriving prostitution scene in Ho Chi Minh City but it’s not as in your face as Thailand. There are bars around Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien streets in District 1 that have bar girls working that you can bang upstairs in the bar or take them to a Short Time hotel room and bang them there.

The Vietnamese prostitutes however were nothing compared to their Thai neighbours, where Thai hookers are young and petite the Vietnamese ones I met were older and more mercenary.

There are also prostitutes on motorcycles riding around the block over and over again doing laps on a circuit and you can get a taxi bike or ride your own until you find one you like and wave or look to her direction and she will lead you off to an area where you can have a talk and move on to a short time room close by.

WARNING: If you do take these girls working the streets, when you get back to the room to shower take all your belongings with you. It’s fairly common for the punter to go to have a shower and when returning his wallet and phone is gone (and most likely the girl too) and you will never get them back.

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City, whatever you want to call it yourself, is so cheap for everything. Beers will usually set you back 50 cents to a dollar and you can eat Pho everywhere at places like Pho24 for a dollar or less too.

Coffee is a huge thing in Vietnam so coffee shops are EVERYWHERE, there are sexy girly bars similar to Hooters where they are staffed by sexy sexy women serving men coffee. Only coffee. It was quite weird the first time I went to these places expecting something else completely.

Ho Chi Minh City Scams

There are plenty of scams and crime around if you’re not careful. Just the other day a Rugby player from Australia got kidnapped and ransom was demanded for his release. Crazy stuff as the dude is 6 foot 5 and built like a brick shithouse.

Life does not have much value in South East Asian countries so if you’re going to lose a watch (which you shouldn’t be wearing in the first place) or a few hundred dollars, hand it over. Too often you will read stories in the news where people are getting mugged and refuse and they just get stabbed or shot to death.

If you’re on the street do not talk on your mobile phone or dangle your backpack because these snatchers will be watching at all times waiting for their time to pounce and they will often pull up alongside you on a motorbike with someone else driving, snatch and go and it’s all over before you even know what’s happened and they are off into the distance.

If you’re eating in a restaurant or in a bar on the street, don’t leave your wallet/phone/keys/etc on the table just sitting there like you would do in most civilized countries as that will be gone quicker than you can imagine.

If you’re going to take a bus anywhere keep your luggage on your person at all times, if you put it in the hold area under the bus, it’s probably going to go missing or at least be opened while the bus is going with some little fucker in there stealing all the bus passengers shit.

There’s much more to be said about Ho Chi Minh City, especially the massage parlours, blowjob bars, meeting normal women in the parks in the mornings wanting to practice their English and the food.

More posts to come as I travel more around.

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