While you will see Vietnam hookers on your trip, be aware that prostitution is illegal in Vietnam.Even though the police turn a blind eye, you can end up in trouble. Especially if your date did not turn out as you planned and the police are called. vietnam escort service

Also many hotels will not let you take a guest back to your room, hooker or a normal Hanoi girl. So make sure you check they are guest friendly before making your booking.

There are an estimated 30,000 people working in the country as prostitutes, but as a conservative nation it is not renowned for sex tourism and many businesses frown upon it.

Ho Chi Minh hookers online
If you use one of the crappy dating apps you will find several Ho Chi Minh hookers prostitutes. None of the hookers in Ho Chi Minh look like their profile pictures and some accounts are run by pimps. vietnam escort service

The price of a callout for a Ho Chi Minh prostitute is around 1 million VND and vietnam escort service is so bad that you should avoid them at all costs.

Regardless of the what the girl/pimp says will have in the chat, most will ask for the money up front and after 5 minutes ask you to hurry up and cum. If you fight your corner they will go bat shit crazy and cause a huge scene treating their boss will come and kill you.


Meet Viet Girls

You might think I’m over playing this, but if you use crappy apps to meet hookers in Ho Chi Minh you’re asking for trouble.

Unless you’re going to a Vietnamese sex massage, avoid freelancer hookers at all costs in district 1.

Go2 bar for prostitutes
Go2 bar is located in Ho Chi Minh nightlife district one and have freelancer Vietnamese hookers on the top floor. Prices will vary from 800k VND upwards and unless you have a super sharp eye, you’ll be getting a very bad experience.

If you’re drunk and bring them back to your room, there’s a good chance they will rob you and leave you while you’re having a shower.

Prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City are hardcore and it’s nothing like meeting a Thai hooker.

Vietnam hookers on motorcycles
Many of the Vietnam hookers operate on motorcycles, stopping to proposition guys. If there is a problem with police they just zoom off to another district. In Saigon the going rate for these hookers is around $30 to $60 for short time sex.

A hot spot for cycle hookers in Saigon is Hoa Binh Park, you can also find hookers in Phan Ngu Lao and Bui Vien streets.

Karaoke venue
Possibly not the first place you would look to find a Vietnam hookers but in Nam these KTV’s are not always what they seem.

Some of the young girls working in these bars play the role of hostesses, they work to take men into dark secluded rooms to sing then to go back with him to his hotel.

Most are students and earn coupons for their extra attention from the bar. You have to pay the bar for the intimate attention, around $30. You will then have to pay her directly for the extra night service and this can be anything up to $300.

In Saigon there are a lot of these bars around districts 1 and 3. There are also some quite odd places that you would never imagine to find a hooker.

Believe it or not there are a few Restaurants Boom Boom, where you can dine and also nosh in both senses of the word.
Barber salons
Popping for a quick trim might be better than you thought, there are many barber shops that offer something for the week as well as something for the weekend.

They are easy to spot as they normally have a few sexy girls dotted around unlike normal salons.

All you have to do is pay the cashier for your short back and sides then you will be offered a massage. A girl will escort you to a chair and massage your shoulders recline the chair then give you a blow job.

How safe is it to bring hooker back to your hotel?
Most stories I hear about people getting hookers in Vietnam are bad. I was with a friend in the backpacker area one night and we went to a go go like bar.

The girls were very pushy and one even got angry when she told us an over inflated price and we said that was too much.

The common trick I hear is that the girl will tell you to go shower and clean up, while you shower she will steal whatever she can from your room and leave.

I had another friend who booked a girl from and when she came over she first demanded the money which he gave. Then she said it was more to take off her clothes and when they started havig sex within 30 seconds she told him to hurry up and she had to go.

He said overall it was a bad experiance, she left shouting at him telling him that someone will come and beat him up. Nobody ever came but he said the entire hooker experiance was bad.

One of my friends did get a hooker from a HCM club and he said the service was good, so reviews are mixed out there I would advise not to drink too much and really see if your girl is into your or just looking for money.

Are hookers in HCM free of STDS?
Good one.

Always wear a condom when sleep with hookers in Vietnam. I suspect that many of them don’t always practice safe sex and many will carry on working even if they have caught something because they need the money.

condoms in vietnam

As with all types of mongering, always be safe and use safety mesaure to reduce your chances of getting HIV or STDs in Vietnam.

Hotel Massages
Some hotels like the ones I’ve talked about in my happy massages in Vietnam do offer extra services such as hand jobs and sometimes even full sex, although getting the latter can be very hard in most places.

One place is the Dai Nam hotel in HCM who offer HJ only, the massage is right next to the hotel:

Massages girls in hotels are typically cleaner and are told about safe sex so I’d always advise going to a brothel or massage shop over picking up a hooker from the street. It’s also much safer as if you have a bad experience you have a place to go make a complaint.

Are prices for westerns more?
Of course.

As soon as they see your white skin the price is more and the girls will typically ask for you a higher tip. Don’t expect to get the local price for anything unless you’re with a local or can speak Vietnamese very well.

The prices they give you won’t be anything crazy but expect to pay 10-20% more than locals. You can pay in USD and VND.

In Saigon shemale hookers can be found in the streets on scooters. They tend to cruise around Thi Sach, Hai Ba Trung and Dong Du. Normally they ride in pairs on one bike, for security and also whilst one is driving the other is looking for action.

Another notorious area for ladyboy hookers is Pham Ngu Street.

Surprisingly these ladyboys charge less than Saigon’s normal hookers and will go with you short time for less than $20.

If you want to meet normal Viet girls and not pay for sex, check out this article.

vietnam hookers
a normal girl in Vietnam
It can be really confusing some of the places sex is available in Vietnam and the oddity that where you expect to find a hooker they are not there.

Bear in mind that Vietnam does not really encourage sex tourism and as a consequence the hookers tend to be more expensive than in neighboring countries. Having anything to add about Vietnam hookers?

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